Warm Clothes – Movie Review by Sean Mullen

by Jimmy on May 23, 2011

Did Sean Mullen like Warm Clothes? Find out below.

Warm Clothes Review by Sean Mullen

In Director Jimmy Nguyen’s latest short film, Warm Clothes, the filmmaker shies away from the comedic narrative that we’ve come to expect. Instead, what we get is something that is more like cinema poetry, where each viewer can have a different interpretation of the meaning.  Regardless of what the abstract story might mean, the ending result is sure to leave you feeling….warm.

The film kicks off with a man (Mike Wissner) in a laundromat listening to a segment of a podcast that tells a story of a social experiment conducted by a college professor at Yale University. The voiceover used here will captivate the audience immediately as they then begin to wonder how it will tie into the plot and title of the film – an excellent way to kick things off.

Moving forward, we are shown a series of shots that follow the man who is working on a unique project with a dryer (which is, for some reason, separated from its partner- the washing machine).  We get a few snippets of some feel good music as we follow the man and his special project across town.  It is interesting to see how the public reacts to the dryer as Nguyen’s trademark documentary-like filming style is used in full force. The camera stays stationary for a good part of the shots which gives us a very honest and organic experience. Unfortunately, this is where we lose some of the mojo from the opening act.  After awhile, this section of the film becomes a little redundant which contains practically zero dialogue.  It would have been nice to hear a bit more of the voiceover from the opening scene, perhaps a thought-provoking quote of some sort played over the music would have been a nice touch.

The end of the film is where the audience will regain the interest they had and is probably the best part of this picture. A woman (Dana De Filippi) crosses paths with our protagonist’s project.  The film concludes with the two characters becoming involved in the beginning of a boy-meets-girl romance and leaves the audience hopeful for their relationship.

Due to the originality of the story’s concept, the effective camera technique and the chemistry between the two actors, this is my favorite film of Jimmy Nguyen’s so far.

Come watch the premiere of Warm Clothes on May 28 (Saturday).  Email nguyen.jimmy17@gmail.com for directions.

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