Paryting it up with my wife Lenah Nguyen in the Peace Corps in Peru. One day I will return to make a movie in my village and it will star the mob boss/local doctor.

Jimmy Nguyen is the son of Tri Nguyen and Diep Nguyen.  His father, Tri Nguyen, was a fearless “Huey” helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War, who survived being shot down by enemy fire not once, but twice.  His mother, Diep Nguyen, is the family matriarch being the oldest of 12 kids and therefore, is accustomed to telling people what to do.  When the war ended, his parents escaped from a devastated Vietnam and started a new life in the United States.  From the odd confluence of character traits he inherited from his dad and mom, it is only natural that Jimmy Nguyen become a movie director. Both crazy and determined like his father and mother, Jimmy finds any way he can to make movies.

Growing up straddling three unique cultures (Jimmy was raised in a Vietnamese home, grew up in a majority black neighborhood, and was daily subjected to white culture on television), Jimmy learned to not only adapt, but embrace the uniqueness, beauty, and absurdities of all peoples and cultures. Wherever there is a people, culture, or subculture that interests Jimmy, he is unafraid to introduce and slowly immerse himself.

This curiosity and wanderlust has lead Jimmy to Peru, where he spent 2 years in a remote Andean village, where the children were able to run freely all over town without fear and where tiny old women in long skirts hiked up steep mountains with large bundles on their backs and only thin sandles on their feet and they never broke a sweat while doing so.  Jimmy has also spent many months working on organic farms from California to Florida to his home state of Virginia.  On these farms he met, worked, and lived with punks who never showered, hippies who taught him about chakras, Rastafarians who believed in the Messiah Haile Selassie, immigrant farmers who didn’t speak English, hillbillies that loved hunting deer, and wise old farmers with beards that have seen feast and famine personally.

Naturally, when Jimmy sees an opportunity to make a movie about his experiences, he does not hesitate.  Currently, he is working on a full length documentary about street musicians in D.C.  He has spent countless hours with street musicians in their homes and traveling with them on the road.  He hopes to finish this project by 2011.  From what he has gleaned from street musicians, Jimmy also plans on writing and directing a love story about a busker who falls in love.

Jimmy is also drawn to the austere beauty of Westerns.  He was subjected to Westerns at an early age by his dad who probably longed for a simple world far different from the chaotic war he experienced in Vietnam.  A simple world where good was good and bad was bad and good always came out on top. Jimmy hopes to write, direct, and complete a modern Western set in D.C. (we could call it an Eastern) by the end of 2010.  Needless to say, Jimmy Nguyen loves making all types of movies and constantly challenges himself to keep telling unique and wonderful stories.  His dream is to write, direct, and star in a movie about his dad.

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