Busking D.C.

I am directing, editing, and producing a documentary titled, “Busking D.C. – the Life and Times of D.C. Street Musicians.”  I wish to reveal to Washingtonians and hopefully others around the world the lives of the street musicians they pass by everyday on their way to work.  Some of the street musicians documented in this movie have been performing on D.C. streets for over twenty years; others are just starting out.  I want to tell their uncensored stories and promote their wisdom, which they have earned from all the years they have spent playing out in the streets.  Naturally, they have a lot of stories to tell because they represent the streets’ eyes and ears.  I am trying to capture everything from their struggles of living day-to-day through the generosity of others to the bitter-sweet feeling of having complete freedom to play the music which they love almost every single day of the week.  Finally, I want to focus on the great music they produce for us everyday.  It’s a thing of beauty, almost transcendental to watch these guys play at the start of a melancholy morning or after another rugged day of work.

Goals of the project

1.  Allow the street musicians to tell their own story and dispel any misconceptions people have of them.  It will take an honest look at a profession that has been around since colonial times.  Of course, the movie will also showcase the remarkable talent these D.C. street musicians have by allowing ample time in the movie to showcase their music.  Currently, I am trying to produce professional music videos of some of the street musicians’ original music.  It could add a whole new dynamic to the documentary!   Additionally, the movie will subtly show the audience how wonderful D.C. truly is with musicians playing against beautiful D.C. backdrops and cityscapes.

2.  Inspire audiences in D.C. to lobby for a street musician/performer program in D.C. much like Music Under New York with the New York Transit Authority or Boston’s Subway Performance Program.  There is a MetroPerforms program in D.C., but it is quite limited and does not involve many of the local street musicians who have been out here for years.

3.  Support the street musicians who actively participate in the documentary.  Some DVDs of the final movie will be given to the street musicians for free so they can sell them to whomever they wish making money in the process, but also passing the message of the documentary along.

4.  Show the film to as many people in the area as I can and have the street musicians on hand after the events to take questions.

I am seeking funding for this documentary.  So if you are interested in helping me out or know of an organization, grant, and/or friend who could help or at least give some good advice please contact me at: nguyen.jimmy17@gmail.com

Thanks and hopefully this documentary will get finished within they year…or two.

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