My First Wedding Video

by Jimmy on May 22, 2010

Jimmy Nguyen  wedding video

So my next short movie Log Warriors has been delayed a few weeks because I was contracted to do a wedding video.  It was for my former co-worker’s daughter-in-law’s brother’s wedding.  The former co-worker in question is none other than the famous Avis Watts-Massenburg from my short movie Morning Milk.  She also plays a minor roll in my upcoming Log Warriors movie.  Avis’ daughter in law, Crystal Tucker, was helpful enough to lend us her three year old son for the Log Warriors movie as well.  What can I say, when I find actors that I like, I can’t help but keep using them.  It’s a family affair.

The wedding took place in Prince George’s County Maryland at the end of April 2010.  It was a very entertaining wedding and the bride and groom seemed like they genuinely loved each other.  I tried to capture the casually festive atmosphere of the wedding in the final video that I produced.  As always, I had to spice it up with some cool animations, moving stills, humorous montages, and documentary-style interviews.  The final video came out to be a little over 36 minutes and required a lot of sleepless nights to finish it on time.  Actually, I did not really have a deadline for the project, but I do not like things hanging over my head like an Australian drop bear.

Now that I am finished, I can check another movie/video genre off of my list: the seldom recognized wedding video, which can be quite creatively challenging and fulfilling.  And yes, I would be willing to do another wedding video for the right price.  I could become the Hype Williams of wedding videos.

Jimmy filming wedding video PG County Maryland

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