Raycurt Johnson Music Video – Cherry Blossom Serenade

by Jimmy on July 14, 2010

While the Cherry Blossoms were out in April this year, my friend Raycurt Johnson and I thought that the beautiful white and pink blossoms would provide for a gorgeous backdrop for a music video.  So we went about wonderful Washington, D.C. making one.  However, since Raycurt is a natural street performer, we decided to involve the unsuspecting public.  Enjoy.

*On a side note, Raycurt Johnson will be playing George Bridgetower in my next feature-length movie.  I gave a brief description about the project in a previous post. In short, the movie will be a musical biopic about the Afro-Polish Master Violinist George Bridgetower, who was a contemporary of Beethoven.  We already have a young actor to play young Bridgetower for the movie and he is somewhat of a child prodigy at the violin as well!  Stay tuned for more updates about the project.

Raycurt Johnson music video

Raycurt Johnson serenades the cherry blossoms with his violin.

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