0 for 1 on Grants for My "Busking D.C." Documentary

by Jimmy on February 6, 2010

Gotta keep on applyin'

So I applied for a small grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities to raise money for my street musicians documentary.  It was for 2 G’s which would have been helpful, but alas, no loot .  Anyways, I’ll keep on applying to different grants and I’ll definitely be sure to read the rules and regulations more carefully next time.  Thanks to my friend Bryan Lobar for applying for the grant with me.  My next step is to become sponsored by a 501(c)(3) so that I can be eligible for more grants.  Usually, foundations, and businesses will only give out grants to non-profit organizations and not individuals.  This, not only helps with the foundations’ tax write-offs, but gives a level of assurance to the grantee that the money is being used correctly.  For it is assumed that the fiscal sponsor will help monitor the project.  The 501(c)(3) usually gets 5% of the funds raised for the project.  So everybody wins!  I will be writing up a letter of interest to the ACLU of the National Capitol Region.  I have talked to them several times to see how we could work together to give street musicians/performers more options and rights in Washington, D.C., a city not as accepting of these individuals as other cities like New York or Boston.

Check out the trailer for my Busking D.C.-The Life and Times of D.C. Street Musicians documentary.  It plays a little too much like a traditional news piece because I submitted it for the grant and thought I had to make it general.  But I’ll be coming out with some more action-packed trailers in these next couple of months.  Enjoy this for now.

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