Movie Updates – Bridgetower and Silent Israeli Spy Movie

by Jimmy on December 12, 2010

Sorry I have not posted anything here for the last 3 months.  I have been working on several projects lately, but have not committed myself to the final crazed thrust of energy that is necessary to complete any movie.  Here is a list of upcoming movies you should expect in the next 1-3 months:

– A silent spy movie set in Israel.  When I went on a 2-week vacation to Israel at the end of September this year, I was able to devote 2.5 days to shooting a movie.  The cast is made up my wife Lenah and my friends, who are in medical school in Israel, Andrew and Julia.  We were able to shoot a lot of scenes in some very beautiful locations, which only Israel can offer.  There were scenes with the Mediterranean Sea, the Bahai Gardens of Haifa, castles in Bet Lehem, and a little falafel stand in the cat-filled city of Ber Sheva.  This movie has some potential to be quite entertaining.  The only problem is one of my DV tapes has seemed to malfunction and I cannot capture the footage to my computer.  I can see that it is there when I fast forward or rewind the footage, but when I hit play it refuses to do so.  Any video techies out there have any suggestions?

– Bridgetower.  A story about a black violinist named George Bridgetower, who impressed Beethoven so much with his playing that Beethoven wrote a sonata specifically for Bridgetower.  However, the two had a falling out, whose reasons were never quite confirmed.  Naturally, this movie will provide a new interpretation of the feud.  However, the movie will also explore Bridgetower’s childhood and life up until his notorious relationship with Beethoven.

We will be shooting the first scenes of Bridgetower on December 22, 2010 (Wednesday) and we will need extras.  The shoot will take place in a chapel and capture Bridgetower and Beethoven performing their sonata together.  More information to come.

Location of scene where Bridgetower and Beethoven will perform their sonata. We need extras to play the concert audience members so stay tuned if you want to be a part of the movie and at the same time watch a great concert.

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