“Making Movies Happen Award” Winners – Matt McLaughlin and Jamilah Fagbene

by Jimmy on May 3, 2010

Most blogs are all about me, me, me.  This blog is no different.  It’s always about what I did or am currently doing.  Even the title of this website has half of my name in it.  The “Bob” in Jimbob Movies is actually the name of my silent partner and you’ll probably never hear from him.  Well, in this particular post I am going to take a break from celebrating myself and I am going to shine some light on the unseen people who make movies happen.  The people who work behind the scenes: the gaffers, grips, camera operators, production assistants, etc.  This could become a monthly thing.

For April 2010, the winner of the Quietly and Confidently Making Movies Happen Award is…Matt Mclaughlin.

Matt Mclaughlin helps shoot Log Warriors Reunited the short movie

Matt Mclaughlin was instrumental in the making of my short movie Log Warriors Reunited. Matt was a pleasure to work with and a very skilled camera operator. His dedication to “getting the shot” is unsurpassed. While attempting to shoot an outdoor interview in front of my parent’s house, a neighbor was about to start weed whacking his lawn. Realizing that the loud noise of the weed whacker’s motor would ruin and ultimately delay our shot, Matt went up to the neighbor and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Matt, who grew up on the street where we were shooting, knew the neighbor well and promised to weed whack his lawn personally later that day if we could finish our shot. Owing to Matt’s outstanding character, the neighbor obliged and we were able to nail our outdoor interview scene without any harsh noises. Quite frankly, Matt Mclaughlin is someone you want on your team in any situation because he makes things happen and whenever I make a big production movie, Matt is one of the first people I will hire.  __________________________________________________________________________________________

The previous, yet unannounced winner of the Quietly and Confidently Making Movies Happen Award was Jamilah Fagbene for her great camera and dolly work in Olfactory Thriller.

Jamilah Fagbene helping to make the short movie Olfactory Thriller

Jamilah Fagbene helped me tremendously when she agreed to help me shoot a short movie (Olfactory Thriller) in a damp, dark, and cold garage on a Thursday night.  One of the the most difficult parts of amateur moviemaking is that you have to rely on volunteers who have very busy schedules and when a window opens up in their schedules, you have to be ready to jump in.  So on that very same Thursday, it turned out that my lead actor, Eric Rasmussen, didn’t have to work that night and was free to shoot scenes for the movie.  So I had to scramble to get a camera person/dolly pusher to help us out that very night.  Jamilah Fagbene, having no prior film/video experience, agreed to give up her Thursday night to be the all-imporant camera operator when I called her. Needless to say, she surpassed all of my wildest expectations.  All of the garage scenes in Olfactory Thriller were shot by Jamilah and they turned out steady and wonderful. Even though it took around 3 hours to get all the necessary shots and I had promised her it would only take an hour or so when I talked to her on the phone, Jamilah never once complained.  In fact, she continued to keep our spirits up with her laughter and energy.  It’s people like Jamilah that make the world go round and why I love making movie with friends.

Award winners receive a free lunch or dinner from me whenever they want.

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