Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Video

by Jimmy on June 2, 2010

USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) just created a YouTube channel.  The only video that has been uploaded onto this channel is one that I shot and edited.  The video talks about FNS’ wonderful Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, a program that allows high-needs schools to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to serve to their students as snacks.  FNS then reimburses these schools for the fresh fruits and vegetables they purchase for all the students.  The types of fruits and vegetables the school may buy can vary depending on how adventurous the school’s staff wants to be.  They can allow their students to try anything from plain carrots and apples to wild and crazy pomegranates and asparagus.  As long as it is fresh and is a fruit or vegetable, they can give it to their students.  The program is currently only available in elementary schools, but the idea is that if kids learn to love eating healthy fruits and vegetables at a young age, well then they’ll just keep on eating them until they grow old and have no teeth.  When this inevitably happens, I imagine they will blend all their fruits and vegetables into a viscous soup and then suck it up with a straw.

The video is a bit technical during some parts because this particular video is targeted at people who administer the program and not necessarily the general public.  However, as you can see, I tried to keep even the technical parts of the video as engaging as possible through use of different video techniques.  I hope to be able to create more videos about the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program because I really think this is one of the greatest programs the USDA offers and not many people know about it because it is a relatively new program.   So I hope you enjoy and tell your favorite local school to see if they are eligible for this program.

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