Extras Needed for Bar/Dance Scenes at Clarendon Ballroom for Mockumentary titled, “Reunited”

by Jimmy on April 1, 2010

Stephen King and Jimmy Nguyen scene from short movie Reunited

Stephen King and Jimmy Nguyen in scene from "Reunited"

Calling all friends, families, and strangers who like to have a good time and have a chance to be an extra in a short movie.  We are set to shoot scenes for my short mockumentary titled, “Reunited,” at the Clarendon Ballroom on Sunday (April 4, 2010).  It looks like we will have the entire place to ourselves.  It’s a 50/50 chance that the stars will align correctly and we will be able to shoot the Clarendon Ballroom scenes this Easter Sunday.

So just be on alert that this Sunday, I might need your help to come to the Clarendon Ballroom in the middle of the day and be extras in a club scene.  We are going to be doing some dancing and we need a packed dance floor for these shots.  Bring your friends.

Let me know if you’re interested either through email (nguyen.jimmy17@gmail.com) or facebook and I will respond to you if it’s going to happen this Sunday or not.

If things fall through, we will shoot for next Sunday, April 11, 2010.  So keep your calendars free.

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